Americans Remember Sept 11, 2001

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It has been 12 years since the September 11 attacks, but no American will ever forget this event. It is probably the most tragic day in American history ever. We pause today to remember all those that lost their lives. Several officials including the president have made comments today about this tragic events:

The president of the Unites States, Obama stated: “Let us have the strength to face down the threats that endure, different though they may be from 12 years ago, so that as long as there are those who will strike our citizens, we will stand vigilant and defend our nation. Let us have the wisdom to know that while force is at times necessary, force alone cannot build the world we seek, so we recommit to the partnerships and progress that builds mutual respect and deepens trust and allows more people to live in dignity, prosperity, and freedom.”

Secretary of State John Kerry stated: “We pause to remember those we’ve lost and their families, and when we see their friends in the hall, we ask how they’re doing. My hope is that as we remember our fallen colleagues from both September 11s and all the other sad days, we never forget the reason we do what we do. And though we can’t inscribe all their names on a memorial, we also cannot forget the families and loved ones of those who serve and sacrifice in faraway places.”

President of Iran Ahmadinejad calls 9/11 a mystery

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Last week President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad held a speech at the UN General Assembly and called the 9/11 incident a “mystery.” Previously he has also said as an engineer he did not think that it was possible for the Twin Tower buildings to come down in that fashion just with 2 planes.

The speech caused several people to walk out, including the U.S., Israel, Ireland and Fiji delegations.

After this incident Al Queda has sent a letter to Iran’s Ahmadinejad asking him to stop the conspiracy theories blaming the U.S. for 9/11 and that they were behind it.

On 9/11, F-16 pilot wanted to ram hijacked Flight 93

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On 9/11/2001, when it was discovered that Flight 93 may have been hijacked and would probably hit another major target, an F-16 was ordered to track it down and shoot down if necessary. However, due the urgency of the matter, the planes were departed without loading any missiles into them.  The two pilots were confronted about the situation and had agreed that if necessary they would ram their planes into the Flight 93 plane to avoid another disaster.

With only 105 lead-nosed bullets on board, Penney and Colonel Marc Sasseville took to the skies, while two other F-16s waited to be armed with heat-seeking AIM-9 missiles, Penney told C-SPAN television this week.

Heather Penney, then a lieutenant in the Washington DC National Guard, was one of two pilots ordered to take off with the plane.  “We wouldn’t be shooting it down. We would be ramming the aircraft because we didn’t have weapons on board to be able to shoot the airplane down,” Penney said.

She said she thought about possibly ejecting just before impact.

“I would essentially be a kamikaze and ram my aircraft into the tail of the aircraft. I gave some thought to, you know, would I have time to eject?”

But the young pilot was concerned about failing to hit the target.

“I mean you only got one chance, you don’t want to eject and have missed, right? “

Flight 93, which was headed from Newark, NJ to San Francisco had already been redirect for Washington, but it never made to its target as the people in the plane discovered what the plan of the hijackers might be and fought the hijackers which resulted in the crash of the plane.

“The people on Flight 93 were heroes, but they were going to die no matter what,” she said. “My concern was how do I minimize collateral damage on the ground.”