September 11, 20th Year Anniversary

Filed Under (Articles) by admin on 06-09-2016

This year marks the 20th Year Anniversary of 9/11. This site has archived all the major news in the initial months and almost all the news in the first year of this tragic event.

I purchased this site in late 2000’s from the previous owner who created almost 95% of the site content you see here.  You can see that he placed lot’s of time into it and has done an excellent job. My plan was just to preserve the site and once in a while post new info.

However, this site is no longer being updated with new info, due to me not having any funds. I would like to post new information, but this requires research and time that I do not have. Hence, I need to hire someone to do this, but I do not have the funds.

In order to continue hosting this website and in order to update it with new info, I would like to ask for donations to help me with these costs.

I used to make a little money from Google Ads, but in 2012 Google decided that this site is too sensitive to run their ads, so they have shut down my account!

So, if you find my site helpful, please feel free to send a few dollars to help with the costs of maintenance and future updates.

Here is the paypal link for donations: